Meal Plan

A lot of people who try to cut fat (including my younger self) try to just cook chicken & broccoli for six months straight. This is miserable and unsustainable. The food I'll recommend is three daily meals which are delicious and easy to prepare. You can swap out the vegetables, spices, fruits, and flavors to constantly keep things fresh. By making it repetitive you remove the decision making and planning component of cutting weight.

Meal Plan

In order to estimate your body's TDEE and get a meal plan personalized to that you'll need to create a Leanrr account here.

The Simple Three

This uses six science backed principles that maximize satiety and minimize cravings. If cooked right it's also delicious.

Pizza Day

Once every so often treat yourself to some pizza while still losing maximal fat.

The only problem with the sausage & eggs + pizza meal combo is the feeling of hunger the next day. That's because:

  • there's less protein so you feel more hungry,

  • without casein and yogurt in your system for a long time,

  • there's more volume of food.

Pizza doesn't have any of these properties hence why you'll feel hungrier the next day.

Personally I like to pick a day or two maximum per week for pizza day. Also, having it coincide with lifting or more exercise is good as there's more overall carbohydrate content.

Dealing With Hunger

If you feel hunger try these ~0 calorie drinks and foods:

  • Caffeine (morning)

    • drinking coffee black with aspartame or Stevia

    • diet coke, coke cherry zero, zero calorie Monster

  • Caffeine Free (afternoon, evening)

    • water

    • zero calories soda such as: 7-UP, ginger ale, Sprite

  • Food Like

    • sugar free gum

    • low calorie sauerkraut

    • pickles

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