Lose ~2 lbs in 1 week. Works for 1 week ONLY.

You're feeling highly motivated. You want to see results 7 days from now. You're willing to take my word for it. No problem. Below is a skeleton version of the program. It'll work for the first week allowing you to get through the rest of the guide yet still see results in the meantime.

Step 1: Grocery shop, eat two meals a day.

The easiest thing to do for the first 7 days is to eat the same two meals a day. Repetition will make you fast at cooking and it'll eliminate daily decision making around what to eat.

Sausage & Eggs (800 calories >=5'10"; 600 calories <5'9" )

For one week you'll need:

Use 2 sausage links per dish if you're at or above 5'10 and 1 sausage link if you're below.

Here's a video of how I cook this meal and clean all the dishes for it in under 8 minutes. Think of this meal as a "skill" you hone. Having this meal as a quick go to will be useful longterm.

Greek Yogurt & Protein Bar (650 calories)

Eat them together closer to when you go to sleep.

Dealing With Hunger

To get past hunger, try these ~0 calorie drinks and foods:

  • Caffeine (morning)

    • drinking coffee black with aspartame or stevia

    • diet coke, coke cherry zero, zero calorie monster

  • Caffeine Free (afternoon, evening)

    • water

    • zero calories soda such as: 7-up, ginger ale, sprite

  • Almost 0 Calorie Food:

    • sugar free gum (5 cals)

    • low calorie sauerkraut (high sodium)

    • pickles (high sodium)

Step 2: Weigh in every morning.

First thing every morning. Use the bathroom. Weigh in. Record this number in a Google Sheet. This is how you'll know you're losing weight. Alternatively Leanrr provides the tools to track weight manually or with a Bluetooth/WIFI scale. You should see a drop of ~2 lbs by the end of the first week.


There are two common causes for craving sugar and fat.


If you're in a state of chronic stress your body is hit with hundreds of impulses for sugar and fat per day. No one can withstand that. Resolving chronic stress is a pre-requisite to any sort of weight loss journey. Checkout the "Psychological Wellbeing" section if that's the case.

pagePsychological Wellbeing


In our gut are microbes that grow in response to foods you eat and then send signals to our brains to crave more of that food. So if you've been eating a lot of pizza and cheesecakes your gut will send signals for 1 to 3 days make you crave it. By not feeding those microbes for ~1 week they will mostly die and the majority of the impulse will go away. Remember it's temporary and be patient.

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