Lifting signals to your body to preserve muscle.

I want to dispel one myth right off the bat. Whether you're a man or woman you will not get too big if you lift unless you do steroids. Steroids are terrible for your health. Please don't do them.

Here's what being really lean and lifting for over a decade looks like without steroids. A very natural and healthy look.

Stages Of Lifting

There are multiple stages of lifting.

  • Untrained

    • You've never played sports before or lifted

    • Gain the ability to lift 5 lbs more every 48 hours after lifting.

    • Lasts for about 3 months when done right.

  • Novice

    • You've played sports but never focused on weight lifting.

    • Gain the ability to lift 5 lbs more every 48 hours after lifting heavy.

    • You'll gain strength because your central nervous system adapts to more weight.

    • Lasts for about 3 months.

  • Intermediate

    • Your muscles are growing in size.

    • Takes 1 week to increase your ability to lift 5 more lbs of weight.

    • Most visible aesthetic changes in this stage.

  • Advanced

    • Same as intermediate but it now takes 1 month.

    • Most people won't get here.

As you can see, the more you lift, the more the diminishing returns.

Lifts You'll Want To Do

The core lifts for full body health are:

  • Squat: core, glutes, legs

  • Overhead Press: shoulders

  • Bench Press: pecs

  • Deadlift: core, hamstrings

And the key assistance exercises are:

  • Pull Ups: lats

  • Lateral Raises: side shoulders

  • Rear Delt Raises: back of shoulders

  • Barbell Glute Bridge: glutes

As a woman it's common to de-emphasize bench press and emphasize barbell glute bridge. The opposite for a man to get the v-taper look.



In the untrained/novice stages you'll want to alternate squat/press, bench/deadlift every other day. Learn proper form and increase them by 5 lbs every time you workout.


In the intermediate stage you'll want to alternate squat/press heavy for 5x5 reps on Monday, then do a light bench/deadlift day on Wednesday, and try to hit your 5 rep maximum on Fridays.

Then do the same but with bench/deadlift heavy on Monday, light squat/press day on Wednesday, and try to hit your 5 rep max on Friday for bench/deadlift.

That should have you progressing for 2-4 years.

When you have time try to do one or two of the assistance exercises as well.

Lifting With A Paid Plan

As part of the paid plan your coach will design tailored lifting plans unique to you, critique videos of your form, and provide advice if you have lagging pain or injuries.

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