Devices & Services

You can come back to this section after you read the Leanrr guide and decide if you want to DIY or get one of the paid Leanrr plans.

Critical Devices

  • Digital Scale or Bluetooth or WIFI scale

    • Allows you to do morning weigh ins and track your average weekly weight.

  • Food scale

    • To measure out ingredients when you cook.

  • Fitbit

    • Tracks heart rate, steps, and exercise if you want higher precision feedback on how much more you need to exercise or how much you should eat that day.


  • MyFitnessPal

    • You can create "meals" so tracking the "simple three" or "pizza day" takes seconds.

    • If you decide to eat outside of foods, you can track remaining food and have certainty of mind.

  • Fitbit

    • Connects to Leanrr, MyFitnessPal, & your Bluetooth/WIFI scale so all your information is utilized in Leanrr to give feedback


  • Body Fat Measurement: DEXA / BodPod

    • These are ways to determine body fat percentage

    • You can eyeball this using the visual guide we have in the next section or in Leanrr.

    • Alternatively you can use the bioimpedance most modern scales provide to track this although it's not very accurate.

Optional Devices

  • Ninja

    • Game changer for:

      • speed of chopping vegetables

      • preparing smoothies

      • kneading dough for pizza day

  • Silicone Spatula

    • cleans in seconds

  • Bowl / Tupperware

    • easy to clean, eat on the go, and meal prep if you want

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